Taika Waititi Met The Miracle For The New MCU Film

Posted 2018/08/30 134 0


The MCU-return of Taika Waititi can be in the making, because he reportedly had a meeting with Marvel Studios recently. Marvel Studios has elevated the names of several directors over the years and Waititi is one of their most recent examples. The headstrong indie behind What We Do In The Shadows and Hunt for the Wilderpeople was brought into the sheepfold to lead Thor: Ragnarok. He embraced the Jack Kirby era of Marvel comics and critically and financially brought the Thor franchise to new heights.

The success of Ragnarok put both he and Marvel in a strange place. The film had to be the end of Thor’s trilogy, but fans (and Chris Hemsworth) are now more in love with Thor than ever – especially after Avengers: Infinity War. But with the story of Thor possibly passed, the return of Waititi is not carved in stone and he has continued to lead Jojo Rabbit. It is reported, however, that there has been a meeting regarding his return.

THR reports that Marvel Studios recently had a meeting with Taika Waititi to discuss another collaboration. The exact project that could bring them together again is currently unknown. Given the lack of official details about what happens after Avengers 4, this could be for a variety of projects, both known and unknown. Although there is no word about how the meeting went, it seems that Waititi might return to the MCU sooner than later.



Waititi was the best choice for almost everyone when it comes to naming a replacement for James Gunn as the director of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. He took the crazy style that Gunn built into Marvel’s cosmic stories and ran to create an incredibly different view of Thor. His comedic character and what he did with Ragnarok makes him an easy fit for Guardians 3, especially if the film folds the Thor franchise in one way or another.

Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, was very vocal about working with Waititi again. Whether such a reunion comes with Guardians 3 remains to be seen, but there are plenty of other films that could spark his interests. The Eternals could for example be Waititi’s own large, cosmic franchise. He could have found Thor’s idea: Ragnarok 2 more than anything else during the original Ragnarok press visit, and Hemsworth said he had already spoken to Waititi about what they could possibly do. Whether it concerns Thor 4, Guardians 3 or anything else, the MCU-return of Waititi is discussed at least.