X-Men: Dark Phoenix Set Photos Showcase Jean Gray Fight against Jessica Chastain’s Villain

Posted 2018/09/17 520 1

The first set photos of the X-Men: Dark Phoenix recordings in Montreal, Canada, show Sophie Turner’s Jean Gray locked up in the battle with Jessica Chastain’s unidentified villain.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix would originally come out in November of this year, but Fox pushed the release date back to February 14, 2019 to re-score. The recording of the recordings was complicated because the film involved many A-list actors, including Sophie Turner, who had committed to filming the final season of Game of Thrones. They have finally started in Montreal and are expected to run for about two and a half weeks.

Universo X-Men has shared the first set photos on Twitter and shows Jean Turner’s Jean Gray to the mysterious bad guys of Jessica Chastain. The stunt double of Tye Sheridan is also visible in the background, suggesting that Cyclops is also part of this scene. Perhaps the most interesting detail is that Chastain’s bad guy in the set photo actually corresponds to Jean Gray – and possibly even has the upper hand.

There have been reports for some time that the recordings are aimed at the third act of the film, in which case this could be a key scene in which the titular hero – Jean Gray, also the Phoenix – is in her last confrontation with the bad guy. That would suit the fact that Sophie Turner is dressed in a mo-cap suit, perhaps suggesting that CGI will be used to transform her body with Phoenix fire. If that is indeed the case, then the fact that Chastain’s character comes close and personal with the Phoenix can be very impressive. The bad guy is still unidentified and it is difficult to think of someone in the comic who has been able to get a chokehold from a Phoenix host.

It is interesting to see that Chastain also wears a full mo-cap suit. That can reflect the power set of her character; there have been rumors that Chastain is playing a form-swapping Skrull who might have been able to hide close to Jean before returning to her true (alien) form. It can also simply reflect that her body is also enveloped in Phoenix flames.

That’s the interesting thing with set photos like this; they are devoid of context, which means that you can best be careful not to make too many assumptions. One thing, however, is logical; the idea that Cyclops and Jean Gray would be at the center of a confrontation with the bad guy. The relationship between Scott and Jean is expected to be the emotional center of the story, with Sheridan describing it as ‘more of a drama versus a superhero movie’. As the comics have often shown, Cyclops and Jean Gray are a package deal; if a villain is aimed at one of them, they are confronted with both. Probably the enigmatic character of Chastain will learn that lesson at her own risk.